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Year 5

Class Teacher: Mrs Broxham

LSA: Mrs Wall and Mrs Jackson

Term One Wednesday 6th September – Friday 13th October

Our value this term: Thankfulness

This term our enquiry will be Why do people invade and settle?

Term Two Monday 30th October - Wednesday 20th December

Our value this term: Respect

This term our enquiry will be Why do people invade and settle?


Reading: On Thursdays and Fridays, we are doing Whole Class Guided Reading. We are reading Riddle of the Runes and answer questions about the text each lesson to demonstrate our comprehension. 

We are still using Accelerated Reader and the children can complete quizzes on their books in class. Mrs Broxham has assigned each child a level to read (written in their reading record). Each time a child has read a levelled book, they can read a book of choice next. This is to help maintain our focus on reading for pleasure. 

Writing: On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays we are learning to write two different kinds of texts. First we are focusing on writing a suspense story based on 'The Old Mill' and a then we well learn to write a persuasive letter trying to convince people to look after the rainforest. We use talk for writing to help us learn and also cover lots of grammar and punctuation in these sessions. 

Spelling: We have 3 weekly spelling sessions (spellings can be found in your child's spelling book and on EdShed). Your child should use EdShed to practise their spellings.

Handwriting: We have 2 handwriting sessions per week. 

In Maths this term we are covering the following areas: 

  • Numbers - Squares and Primes
  • Fractions
  • Properties of shapes
  • Measure - Perimeter and Area
  • Statistics

We complete daily times table practice focusing on different times tables. 


This term our enquiry is: Why do people invade and settle?

We are learning about the Viking invasion of Britain and the impact this had across the country and locally in Somerset. We will be learning about how the Anglo-Saxons responded to the Viking invasion. 

In Science we are learning about Properties and Changes of materials, whilst also learning more about scientific enquiry processes and skills. 

Please see our Knowledge Organiser for more detailed information about our enquiry and science learning. 

Home learning

For home learning children should be doing the following every week: 

  • Reading as often as possible - ideally 5 times a week
  • Practising times tables on TT rockstars (go into jamming and select the times table to practise)
  • Spelling shed - complete the assignment (specific words) set each week by Mrs Broxham.

TT Rockstars:

Spelling Shed:

Children have logins for the websites above in their reading records. If these are missing, please let Mrs Broxham know and the children can be given them again. 

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